MIFOTRA Vision, Mission and Objectives

1. Our Vision

An efficient and result oriented public administration that delivers citizen centred quality services.
A socio-economic environment that promotes the generation of decent jobs, and develop a national competitive labour force

2. Our Mission  

The mission of the Ministry of Public Service and Labour is twofold and is stated as follows:

a)    To institutionalize efficiency and effectiveness in Public Service administration and management, reinforce Public Service values and principles to enhance professionalism and ethics that enable Public Service Institutions to contribute to improving the lives of the Rwandan population.
b)    To provide conducive environment for the creation of decent jobs and equip the workforce with vital skills to increase productivity and competiveness for sustainable development.

3. Our Core Values

Excellence – Excellence" describes the outcomes of public service as we commit ourselves to the standard of whatever we do. In order to achieve this, public servants must manifest such excellence within themselves. Staff development is an important aspect of striving towards excellence for the public service. Thus, public servants must possess a mindset for excellence that strives to be the best that one can be in his or her role.
Integrity –"Integrity" serves as the core of our beliefs and is the underlying foundation upon which the mission, goals and beliefs of the Public Service are built. Integrity enables us to safeguard the sovereignty, independence, security and prosperity of Rwanda, and uphold justice and equality. The Rwandan Public Service commands a high level of trust among our citizens and foreign investors because of our integrity. Thus, it is imperative that the Public Service maintains this high standard of integrity in our conduct.

Accountability- Accountability is defined as demonstrating the ownership necessary for achieving desired results, employees make personal commitments — to their, colleagues, jobs and citizens and keeping those promises, we value the ability of our staff and Institutions to honor our commitments to get results for our citizens. We build trust with our citizens by delivering on our promises. Accountability involves a process of seeing it, owning it, solving it, and doing it, and requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping, and answering for all commitments.

Team Sprit – We can only achieve or performance objectives if we work together as a team to pursuit excellence. We will pool our abilities to accomplish our shared objective. No matter how talented we are as individuals, without cooperation and team spirit we will be an institution in name only.

MIFOTRA Strategic Objectives

a)    Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration systems and processes
b)    Enhance Public Institutions’ accountability and good governance
c)    Entrench a Culture of excellence in Public service;
d)    Enhance Institutional and Strengthen Individual Capacity Development
e)    Strengthening strategic human resource management  
f)    Promote inclusive labor standards and fundamental Principles and rights at work,
g)    Promote Occupational Safety and Health
h)    Enhance social dialogue