MIFOTRA Employees

Names Positions Telephone Contacts
RWANYINDO KAYIRANGWA Fanfan Minister 0788307907
Edmond TUBANAMBAZI Advisor to the Minister 0788300852
Jeanne MUSABYIMANA Administrative assistant to Minister 0732754130
Olivier NSABIMANA Internal Auditor 0785807530
Gaspard MUSONERA Permanent Secretary 0788351501
John KANYAMBO HR Management Specialist 0738599782
Agnès MUKANGENZI Administrative Assistant to PS 0738549766
Tronellah Beatty MURORE Administrative Liaison Officer 0730558117
Anastase NIYONSABA Public Relations and Communication Officer 0785082849
Esperance IRANDAGIYE procurement officer 0788473650
Lambert RUKWAYA procurement officer 0788632102
Esdras RUTAZIHANA Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 0784433904
Jonathan DUSABE statistician 0783273457
Comfort MBABAZI Director General of General Directorate of Public Service Mgt & Devpt 0788444903
Samuel NSENGIMANA Performance Management System Officer 0782225030
Micheline BIRORI Reform Policy & Organizational Structure Specialist 0788645022
Mellon KEMIREMBE Reform Policy & Organizational Structure Officer 0738140031
Augustin TWIZERIMANA Performance Management System Specialist 0783122286
Fabien MBERABAGABO Director of Legal Affairs Unit 0738824639
NIYIKIZA Jean Baptiste Regulation and Compliance Officer 0789767350
Christine NIRERE Legal Affairs Officer 0788485871
Marie Ishimwe NYAMPINGA Legal Research and Reform Officer 0782163758
Alexis NTAGUNGIRA Public Service Management Unit Director 0733305293
Tito KANYANKORE Remuneration & Reward Policy Specialist 0738682988
Rosine MUTEGWARABA Pension and Social Security Monitoring Officer 0734362519
Jean Marie Vianney NIYIRORA HR Procedures and Administrative Acts Officer 0734557685
Elie NDAYISHIMIYE HR procedures & Administrative Acts Officer 0738686900
Claire UWAMAHORO Public Service Inspection & Advisory Services Specialist 0788834391
Roger CYIZERE Public Service Inspection & Advisory Services Officer 0788390803
Janvier BIKORIMANA Public Service Delivery Inspector 0783033452
Ghad MUSABYIMANA Public Service Delivery Inspector 0783120803
Spéciose UWAMAHORO Filing System Management officer 0733467064
Isaac HATEGEKIMANA Remuneration Analysis and Monitoring Officer 0788827382
Faustin MWAMBALI Acting Director General of Labour & Employment 0738309459
UWIZEYIMANA Emmanuel Employment Policy and Labour Economist Specialist 0788788389
NDAYAMBAJE Emmanuel Employment Policy and Labour Economist Officer 0788585271
Javan K NKUNDABAKURA Chief Labour Inspector 0788454256
Hobess NKUNDIMANA Chief Labour Inspector 0788595549
Patrick KANANGA Director of Labour Administration 0788684207
Damien NZAMWITA Social Security and Child Labour 0738082137
Laurent MUDAHERANWA Director of Administration and Finance 0788524009
Francoise MUHONGERWA Secretary to DAF 0738771713
Claire NYIRAMINANI Accountant 0788826183
Sylvestre TWAHIRWA Accountant 0788590013
Oscar MUNANA Human Resource Officer 0738838016
Jeanne D'Arc MUKANDEKEZI Logistics 0732019274
Aimée Dhalie MUKANTAGANDA Documentation and Archives 0733808271
Cecile MUKANTABANA Head of the Central Secretariat 0788605226
Antoinette INGABIRE Secretary in Central Secretariat 0785932799
Claire UWIMANA Secretary in Central Secretariat 0782741763
Aristote NARAYISENZE Network & System Security Specialist 0733365564
John NDANYUZWE Database and Application Administrator 0738087288
TWISHIME BAREKE Jean Nepo IPPIS Call Center Operator 0788765539
IPPIS Support1 software related issues 0785569165
IPPIS Support2 Network related issues 0785569363
MUREKEYISONI Prisca Labour Inpector BUGESERA 0788434330
NIYIBIZI A. Innocent Labour Inpector BURERA 0788545483
UWITONZE Angelique Labour Inpector GAKENKE 0788628356
NZABONIMPA Fidèle Labour Inpector NGOMA 0788603851
RUSEZERANGABO Jean Marie Labour Inpector GATSIBO 0788453618
RUGUMYA Seth Labour Inpector NYARUGENGE 0788258010
KARANGANWA Jean Bosco Labour Inpector GICUMBI 0788444325
NSENGUMUREMYI Pascal Labour Inpector GISAGARA 0788523477/0738523477
NDAGIJIMANA Francois Labour Inpector HUYE 0788840760
Ingabire Anne Marie Labour Inpector KAMONYI 0788504570
BITEGETSIMANA Déo Labour Inpector KARONGI 0788593260
NDAGIJIMANA Vénuste Labour Inpector GASABO 0785625838
BYAMURONGO RUTEKEREZA Labour Inpector KICUKIRO 0788771922 /0738771922
NIZEYIMANA BIZIMANA Ildephonse Labour Inpector KAYONZA 0788683733
KAZUNGU Thomas Labour Inpector KIREHE 0788516622
TUMWINE Vénant Labour Inpector MUHANGA 0788650090
BARIGORA H. Evariste Labour Inpector MUSANZE 0788433971
BARAKA Barthélemy Labour Inpector NYARUGENGE 0788492580
DUSABIMANA Evariste Labour Inpector NGORORERO 0788657049
KAMANA NKURIYINGOMA J. Damascene Labour Inpector NYABIHU 0788836464
KAGARAMA Jacob Labour Inpector NYAGATARE 0788590954
MUTESAYIRE Gloriose Labour Inpector NYAMAGABE 0788440212
IMBONERE Espérance Labour Inpector GASABO 0788631897
UWIMANA Gilbert Labour Inpector NYANZA 0788612764
NYIRAHAKIZIMANA Evelyne Labour Inpector NYAMASHEKE 0788493808
MPUMURO Frederic Labour Inpector RUTSIRO 0788666958
RUBAYIZA Jean Paul Labour Inpector NYARUGURU 0788406961
TEGERA Pierre Celestin Labour Inpector RUBAVU 0788739818
Musanabera Laetitia Labour Inpector RUHANGO 0788758113
MUKAMANZI Seraphine Labour Inpector RULINDO 0783088560
HABIYAREMYE Frodouard Labour Inpector RUSIZI 0788572942
NDUNGUTSE Innocent Labour Inpector KICUKIRO 0783293942
GAKUBA Damascene Labour Inpector RWAMAGANA 0788555823