NEP Background

NEP Background 


The EDPRS 2 recognises the important role of employment for economic development and poverty reduction and, accordingly, calls for “200,000 [off-farm] jobs to be created each year” to meet the employment needs of the labour force, induced by demographic trends and the growing youth share of the working age population.

National Employment Program is articulated under EDPRS2 as a tool to strengthen the coordination of employment programs through the establishment of a framework for better planning, implementation and coordination of employment programs from different stakeholders engaged in job creation and employment promotion.

The Government has requested Sweden to contribute to the implementation of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2013-2018 (EDPRS II) through the financing of the National Employment Program (NEP). The Republic of Sweden is going to support NEP activities in next 3 years with a grant worth Rwf 9.3 Billion 

The ‘National Employment Programme’ (NEP- Kora Wigire) serves the following objectives:

1.Equipping the workforce with vital skills and attitude  for increased productivity that are needed for the private sector growth, 

2.Creating sufficient jobs that are adequately remunerative and sustainable across the economy,

3.Provide a national framework for coordinating all employment and related initiatives to optimise impact of job creation initiatives

The Government has mandated MIFOTRA to coordinate the implementation of the Program and the program is structured in 4 pillars; (i) employability skills development, (ii) Entrepreneurship and Business Development (iii) Labour market intervention and (iv) Coordination and Monitoring and Evaluation led by MINEDUC/WDA, MINICOM, MINALOC/LODA and MIFOTRA respectively. 

National Employment Program is a 5 year program, designed to create new jobs and to enhance the productivity of existing jobs through equipping people with productive skills and promoting entrepreneurship and SMEs growth.  



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