Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS)

 IPPIS supports all of the Civil Service Reform objectives and in particular those relating to improving the quality and the cost effectiveness of public services. The MIFOTRA sectoral strategy sets out the priorities and next steps in the Government’s drive for excellent public services for all. Achieving greater efficiency in the public sector is a key element of this agenda. IPPIS also supports delivery of the e-Government agenda and the NICI plans.





For any Inquiries, please call 9090 (IPPIS Call Center)

To Download the Application, Please click here


Set up the VPN

use the information provided in the email you received sent from Mifotra IPPIS Team

should you have any problem, let us know





User Guides

1. For Planning Department. How to capture the action Plan!

2. For HRs. How to capture the Institution Organization Structure

3. For HRs: Guide on the use of eRecruitment (DRAFT)

4. For HRs: Guide on the use of Exit and Termination Module

5. For Civil Servants: How to create and monitor performance contract