Our Units

In order to facilitate the successful achievement of its mandate, MIFOTRA is framed with an organisational structure comprising six administrative units/departments including:


Legal Affairs Unit

  • Ensure that activities of the Ministry are carried out in accordance with the Law before any related decision; 
  • Draft and review contracts as well as providing legal advice during their execution; 
  • Provide legal opinion on enforcement of the law on staff related decisions and any other administrative decisions as well as on any other legal issues;
  • Prepare legal instruments (laws, Orders and regulations) as well as their interpretation; 
  • Review and advise on issues related to procurement process; 
  • Follow up and advise on the ratification process of international treaties and agreements to which Rwanda is a part. 
  • Conduct legal research in relevant areas for ensuring the development of national laws related to human resources management.

Planning Unit

Attribution of Planning Unit

Prepare sector policies, strategies and plans:

Coordinate the budget preparation

Monitor and evaluate

Establish institutional relationship with Local Government

Coordinate the elaboration of the annual reports

Consolidate the annual  rapports  on  budget  execution  and performance reports




Public Service Modernization & Performance Management Unit

Attribution of PSMPM Unit

Unit of Public Service Modernization & Performance Management is specifically responsible for activities linked to the administrative reform, to the institutional and human resources capacity development.

Public Service Management Unit

Attributions of PSM Unit

  • Coordinate the implementation inside the public institution of the national and programs related to Public Management.
  • Coordinate the activities of the experts in charge of HRM of the organization structures and jobs of the public institutions.
  • Evaluate the implementation and impact of the new HRM procedures in the State institutions at central and decentralized levels
  • Coordinate, control and oriente the activities of the pol of experts under supervision
  • Mobilize necessary partners and ressources for conducting and developing the programs in charge.

Labour Administration Unit

Attributions of LA Unit

  • Labour Administration
  • Improve Conducive working conditions
  • Empower Labour Inspectors
  • Promote social dialogue

Labour Research & Employment Promotion

Attributions of the LREP Unit

  • Employment promotion
  • Increase Youth employment creation
  • Promote women employment creation
  • Increase Employment Creation for people with disability

Finance and Administration Unit

Attributions of the Unit

  • To ensure the human, material and financial resources management of the ministry;
  • To work out the budget of the ministry in collaboration with the Unit having Planning in its attributions with the Ministry;
  • To carry out the budget of the Ministry;
  • To ensure proper office supplies and other materials in the Ministry;
  • To ensure a connection with the Ministry having finances in its attributions as well as the other financial institutions.